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Hot Air Ballooning

A few weeks ago I finally had my chance to go on my first hot air balloon ride with Ali and Aamir raza. We are sponsored by The day started out early, before the sun had risen, and by the time we began to float into the sky it was barely daybreak. As we rose above the tops of the building, the world below grew smaller and smaller. The Dubai desert to the east reflected the pinks and purples of the rising sun. The occasional burst of flame interrupted the quiet, and the laughter of our fellow passengers filled the air. As the wind pushed us along, the deer in the fields below seemed unsure how to react to the giant hot air  balloon hovering in the sky above, but the next burst of flame startled them, and they bounced away, their white tails waving as they went.

As we continued our journey, our pilot let the balloon drop in altitude until the basket was scraping the tops of the Dubai building. Moments later we were in a Dubai desert with a pond below. A turtle swam next to the blues, yellows, and greens of the balloon reflected on the surface of the desert. Another burst of flames and we were quickly rising out of the valley, back into the sky. In the distance we could see Burj Khalifa, and just to the left was palm Jumeria. We flew over farm fields, camel farms, and beach side where people were walking their dogs. As we flew over, we waved at the people on the streets and yelled “Good morning!” They waved back, and went about their business. About this time, our pilot began talking about making a landing. The balloon began to descend, and it soon became clear that we’d be landing in a Dubai desert zone. As we approached, our pilot apologized ahead of time for the rough landing, and told us to hold on tight. We skidded along the ground, and bounced a couple of times before finally coming to a stop. It was a rough landing!