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The United Arab Emirates is tourist hub from last decade,. millions of tourists are coming every month. The government of Dubai taking all the security measure for their guest coming for Dubai Tours. There are so many places in this Emirates to visit. It goes from Modern era to Old traditions, you will find high roof buildings, manmade marina, and biggest canal to highest tower, seven-star hotels and on the other hand, you will see people enjoying the camel ride, bull fighting and spending night in the open desert. These all things make Dubai is the unique place and attraction for the tourist. In UAE people from 180 countries are working and living a peaceful life.

“Enjoy the Desert Safari Dubai”
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Once you reached to the Dubai, We make your Dubai trip an amazing and thrilling part of your journey. Our aim is to make your Dubai trip a memorable experience with allot of excitement, like dune bashing, desert safari Dubai, romantic dinner with your loved ones on a Dubai dhow cruise, the trip to malls of Dubai and the city of United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Safari is one stop shop for all your tourist activities. We’re passionate about providing the best Dubai trip services

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai desert

Desert Safari trip is the most attractive trip of the Dubai, Are you ready for the most thrilling adventure in Dubai? Enjoy the desert safari Dubai tour with dune bashing, belly dance show, tanoura dance show, camel rides in the open desert of Dubai, Quad biking and bbq dinner. For more information Click here.

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Morning desert safari

Morning Safari

You are in Dubai and have no time for evening desert safari or Arabian night safari then this package is best for you. If you are an early riser and want some exciting activity in the morning like the rough ride in a desert called “Dune bashing,” or you want to ride the quad bike in open desert or even if you want to ride camel than this tour is perfect for you. Enjoy morning desert safari.

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Arabian Night Safari

Over night desert safari

If you want to spend the whole night in Dubai desert under the moon light, then you are the right place. Spending a night in the open desert of Dubai is a pleasing experience, after enjoying the evening desert safari tour, we will make all the necessary arrangement for you to make this Arabian night a memorable for lifelong and luxuries as well. In overnight desert safari, we will provide you.

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Camel Ride in Desert

Camel Ride in Dubai

Riding a camel is the thrill, it’s safe, and as well you come to know how people travel in Arab countries in old times. If we have the different type of tours for the camel ride, it’s totally up to you either you can select early morning to enjoy coldness of Dubai desert and camel safari in Dubai, or evening time to for this beautiful tour.

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Hummer Desert Safari

Morning Safari

VIP desert safari also called Hummer desert safari; this tour is same as evening desert safari, the only difference is you will enjoy the thrilling dune bashing in the hummer. Hummer is well known for the rough ride drivers, and it’s famous in UAE for the ride in the desert.

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Dinner in Desert

Over night desert safari

If you are looking for five core dinner in open desert than this tour is the one you are searching. This tour does not include the rough ride, but you will enjoy the dinner in our desert safari camp with belly dance show, tanoura dance, and fire show. This desert tour is the highly rated tour by our customers.

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Iftar Party In Desert

Enjoy the iftar party in our desert safari camp

Enjoy the iftar parties in our desert camp, The iftar party and dune bashing in Dubai desert only in 110 AED.

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Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow cruise dinner in Dubai

The Dubai Safari is also providing dinner in Dubai Dhow cruise; we have different dhow cruise Dubai tours. If you are looking for dinner in Dubai Marina cruise under the lighting of high roof building of marina or you are looking for dinner in Dubai Creek while watching old Dubai. For any of above tour contact us.

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Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon trip in Dubai

Leave the glitz and the glamor of the city behind and join our hot air balloon expedition deep into the desert. Watch City of lights “Dubai” From the top. Hot air ballooning tour in Dubai is the best sightseeing tour of Dubai from the top.

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Desert Safari Dubai

The point comes in our mind after listening to the word Desert, is camels, sands and hot weather, you never think of thrilling rides in luxury vehicles, dance shows, horse riding and a romantic dinner. But in Dubai desert tour you will find all the above activities with safety. You will be amazed by the thrilling ride “bashing the dunes” with our expert drivers. License to drive in Dubai desert is separately issued by the United Arab Emirates government. This means you are in safe hands while doing dune bashing in Dubai desert.

Dune bashing is not only the exciting activity you will also enjoy camel rides in the desert while you are on the trip of the desert safari. A camel ride is one of the traditional thingies of United Arab Emirates, or you can say that for the Gulf region, people used to travel in an old era from one place to another through camel and its part of their tradition. While you are in Dubai desert, we will arrange camel for you. Ride a camel and come to know how people travel in the Old era.

The thrill does not end on the camel safari, You will be surprised with the quad biking experience, riding a quad bike in open desert is something any one can wish, and we will fulfill your dream in this desert trip. After all the exciting activities now come to the relaxing mode, After all this, you will be served with BBQ dinner, and on the hand, you can enjoy belly dance show, belly dance show is one of the famous dance show of Arab region, a trained belly dancer show you a fabulous dance.

After belly dance show you will be entertained by tanoura dancer. Tanoura dance is Egyptian dance, and it’s also called Sufi dance show, its unique dance you gone love this. Desert Safari Dubai is one the most loved tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are different tours of desert safari Dubai, like evening desert safari, morning desert safari, and camel ride in the desert and so on.

Evening Desert Safari

In evening desert safari tour you will be picked by our driver from your place either you are in Dubai or Sharjah, pickup will be on the 4×4 vehicle, and pickup will be on sharing basis. If you book a private car, your pickup will be on the private car. After the pickup chauffeur will take you to the desert for dune bashing and photo shoot. Once you are done with photo shoot driver will drop you in camp there are different activities you can enjoy in our desert safari camp like camel ride, horse riding, quad biking, sandboarding and so many other. Evening desert safari also includes belly dance show, tanoura show, and dinner. At the end of the tour, the driver will drop you at your place.

Morning Desert Safari

In morning desert safari, our driver will pick you from your place, “hotel, home” either you are in Dubai or Sharjah. He will drop you call before coming. After pickup, you will go for the rough ride in Dubai desert. Morning desert safari includes dune bashing, camel ride, sand boarding and quad biking in the open desert. In the basic package of morning safari tour, camel ride and quad biking are not included. To enjoy camel safari in the morning or to ride quad biking on this trip you have to inform our office before, and they will arrange it for you and both of them have extra charges. In this tour, you will be severed with some refreshments also, and on completion of tour driver will drop you back at your place.

Camel Safari Dubai

You will find camel ride in our evening desert safari tour also. Camel safari in night tour is only for few minutes. If you are looking for camel trekking safari you have to inform us, and we will arrange that tour for you, in that visit, you will ride the camel for approximately 30 minutes. Camel ride is also add-on of our morning desert safari tour. In the morning you can ride a camel for 20 to 30 minutes.

Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the most pleasant and peaceful and romantic tours in Dubai. We have four different Dhow cruise tours. If you are considering for the dinner in Dubai marina, then why not you join us on our Dhow cruise Dubai Marina, In Marina Dhow cruise tour you will be picked by our driver your location if you are located in Dubai. You himself can come to our cruise, we will share our location with you, and you directly come at our Marina cruise. We will reserve the seat for you so before coming just confirm your booking either through email or on phone call. In Marina Dhow cruise you will be served with five* dinner and as well as you will entertain by our Tanoura dancer. If you are planning to see old Dubai from the verge of Gulf Sea than Dhow cruise creek is the best tour for you. In creek tour, you will be passed by some historical places of Dubai. In Creek Cruise dinner you will be served by five core menu and as well as entertained by our belly dancer. We have two more sightseeing Dhow cruise tours one is creek sightseeing, and the 2nd one is of Dubai marina sightseeing, in these both tours you will not server by dinner. Booking procedure of all the dhow cruise tours is same.

City Tours

If you are in the United Arab Emirates or coming to UAE, you must have to visit all the emirates of UAE. Our aim to show you whole UAE, for this we are offering four city tours. Our driver will pick you from your place. These all are half day trips and usually, starts from early morning, but the timing of all City tours are adjustable as per your requirements.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai is one the fastest growing market in the United Arab Emirates. In Dubai City tour we start from some of the beautiful human made places, like Jumeirah mosque, Malls of Dubai, Palm of Dubai and list goes on and end up to the historical places of Dubai. In between you able to see one the biggest Gold market and souq of Dubai.

Sharjah and Ajman

Sharjah and Ajman city tour starts with the visit of the King Faisal Mosque. There are so many historical places in Sharjah and Ajman. Like Fort, old carpet market, old homes of the ruler of Sharjah, Fort of Ajman and so many.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates. City tour of Abu Dhabi includes the visit to the Grand mosque people sometimes call it 8th wonder of the world. Visit of Emirates palace and as well to the petroleum industry due to which this whole Emirates changed from fishing economy to one of the largest and fastest growing economies.

Al Ain City Tour

Al Ain was known as the Garden of United Arab Emirates. A few years ago Al Ain was just a small village but now its turn to a modern city. In Al Ain city tour you will visit the Zoo as well as ancient falaj irrigation system at the Buraimi oasis and so many other classical places.